401m, ztf center, Guizhou new height

On August 27, the "press conference on the name of Guizhou's tallest building" was held in Guizhou Financial City, guanshanhu District, Guiyang city. Guanshanhu District Deputy Director Liu Yingzhu, district government office deputy director Luo Jinsong, district finance office director Qiu Yunhui, district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau Director Yang Donghua, experimental district party and political office director Song Yi, District Financial Service Center Deputy Director Jiang Ying, Zhongtian City Investment Group executives and major mainstream media witnessed the extraordinary moment of the birth of Guizhou new landmark. With the flow of Jinsha, the name of the tallest building in Guizhou has been unveiled. This new landmark in Guiyang is named "Zhongtian financial center", or "ztf center".


Ztf center is responsible for facade architectural design by world-famous design company SGA and constructed by China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau. With a total construction area of 360000 square meters, ztf center is the highest high-rise building with all reinforced concrete floor structure in China. It has the highest 260 meter high vacancy conversion and the highest non reinforced frame core tube structure in China. It has obtained 17 national patents and is a high-quality structural project in Guizhou Province Guizhou safe and civilized model site, Guiyang safe and civilized model site, Guiyang high-quality structure project, and passed the mid-term acceptance of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development green construction technology demonstration project.

When the plane arrives over Guizhou, it can penetrate the layers of clouds and get a glimpse of the towering ztf center. With its tall and smooth building posture, it can soar into the sky and stand aloof. The height and design concept of 401 meters, combined with the spirit of "innovation, transcendence and upward", hold up the new record of Guizhou skyline, and show the high spirits of Xiangyang upward. Ztf center 360 ° Overlooking the panoramic view of the city, you can enjoy the sense of modernity and future of Guiyang.


Super high rise building is the symbol of city energy level. The 401 meter ztf center is an unprecedented new height of Guizhou skyline. As for the naming method of financial landmarks, throughout the world, whether it is Manhattan, the city of London or the international financial center of Hong Kong, financial landmarks are named by the way of city name. Why is ztf center named by Zhongtian financial brand? This brand-new urban landmark not only represents the new height of urban development, but also interprets the new direction of Zhongtian finance's deep cultivation in Guizhou. It expresses Zhongtian finance's belief of "growing up to the sun" and its confidence in promoting industry, city and life.


Super high rise buildings represent the level of urban economic development. The center of 401 meter ztf reflects the rise of regional economy, the prosperity of real economy and the origin of financial cause. Guanshan lake, the center of ztf, occupies the core location of three circles of Guiyang "cultural center, administrative center and financial center". It connects the financial industry, urban transition and industrial upgrading upstream and downstream chain, and the highly integrated financial and modern service industries become the strong support behind the ztf center landmark.


As the first listed company in Guizhou Province, Zhongtian finance keeps pace with Guizhou in every step. It is a practitioner and promoter of industrial leap, urban renewal and improvement of people's livelihood by deeply cultivating, thanking and building Guizhou. As a new landmark of Guiyang, ztf center should not only lead in height, but also inject new vitality and new power into the urban economy, become an enduring and upward force, and become a great force to activate the real economy and promote the full cycle development of the city.

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