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Client: Tianan Cyber Park (Group) Co., Ltd

Time: Completion in 2018

Site area: 16,000sqm

GFA: 50,000sqm

Program: Retail, cinema and luxury apartment

Apartment Building height: Less than 60m

Scope of service: Architecture from concept to completion

The design is inspired by the mountainous landscapes of South China and those which define the Longgang district. Fully utilizing the sites length, two residential blocks slide past one another - extending the site frontage whilst also minimizing overlooking - to create a new mountain landscape for Longgang.


The site was originally designed as a 5-stories shopping mall with the basement completed. SGA redesigned the site with two sliding blocks of 11 and 12 stories, steel structure to sit on the completed retail mall columns.

Based on the original north and south 8.5m grid, the two sliding blocks avoided overlooking at each other and provide 10,000sm ground floor retail, together with a bus terminal to the north end and a cinema approximately 3,400sm with an Imax. Level 2 is the transfer floor, Level 3-6 is duplex unit with 5.1m FFH, the rest floors are 3.2m FFH.