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Client: Hengqin International Commercial Centre Development Co., 

Ltd Time: 2016

Program: Office, hotel, residential, apartment

Retail Building height: Less than 300m

Scope of service: International Competition 4th Place

Master plan is conceptually divided into South and North two parts – Hengqin Village and Times Square.

North Parcel irregular rocks forms the retail street frontage inspired by rocks in the stream. 7 different sizes rocks forms two courtyard gardens. Water flows through all directions within the parcel. The rolling roof co- ordinates with the background mountain Xiao Hengqin Mountain. Three Hotel office buildings forms a unit and sits on the green podium. The west village blocks are lower and respecting to the Phase I podium to create comfort- able walking street.

South parcel Time Square formed by stepping farms. Programs flow to the top as leaf in the water. 300m landmark tower is facing Macau and Hengqin Boarder.