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Client: Chongqing Tianan Yuncheng Liangshan Development Group Co., Ltd

Time: 2017

Site Area: 27,245sqm

GFA: 128,000sqm

Program: 9 financial office blocks, retail and parking amenities, innovation boulevard

Building height: Less than 60m

Scope of service: Full service architect, concept to construction service

Nine buildings surround Shuangxing Avenue and Jianshan Avenue street and formed the main street front. Two rows of blocks separated by a 24m wide Lamblass Avenue (Financial Street), the first row G/F level is (+1032), while financial street level is (+1037.5) to create a double street frontage idea.


Apart from the street front parking, the garage can be accessed directly from (+1029) Jianshan Avenue. The canopy in-between tower 2 and 3 are the office, parking entrance. Aside from block 1, 4 and 9, all the rest offices are accessing from the linking canopies to increase retail area.

The facade concept is based on Financial Centre image, dignified and stable, using stone, glass and metal as the main materials. The 8.4m column grid is divided into building façade grid according to different scales. Three kinds of stone materials are used, including light warm golden hemp, iron grey granite and dark grey bush hammer finished granite.