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Client: Zhongtian Urban Development Group Co., Ltd

Time: 2020

GFA: 260,000sqm

Program: Office, Hotel, Ballroom and Wedding Plaza

Building height: T1: 401m T2:275m

Scope of service: Architecture service from concept to completion

The two towers are simple and concise in shape. The height of the T1 is 401m, including office and hotel; the T2 is 275m, all office. Ballroom and wedding plaza located to the north of the towers. The enclosure of the tower is shrunk up according to the golden section ratio, and the four corners are opened up in an inverted V shape. Several standard floor plans are controlled by parametric input to control reducing elevation changes. In order to save cost, the building façade is arranged vertically from the first floor to L53 without deformation. The façade of L53-71 is folded inward, and the L71 to top is folded inward again. The twice folding inward can control the deformation to the effect closet to the hyperbolic arc gradual change through the parametric control, but the hyperbolic surface can be avoided in the curtain wall design, thus increasing the practicability and reducing the cost.

The standard curtain wall is 1.6m wide and 4.2-5m high. The unit is arranged from the middle of the curtain wall to both sides according to the standard unit of 1.6m. Only in four corners can different curtain wall units appear. T1 has six different curtain wall types, including crown, typical office, MEP, Entrance Lobby, Corner and Hotel portion.


The structure of the tower adopts the high-level conversion reinforced concrete frame core tube structure. It is the first time that CFST columns are used in nearly 400m super tall buildings. At the same time, the large-scale transformation of structure type of carried out in L58 and above. The column is converted into shear wall, which is the highest high-level transformation project in China. The project is also the highest all reinforced concrete floor structure in China.