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Client: Zhongtian Urban Development Group Co., Ltd 

Time: 2020

Site area: 6005sqm 

GFA: 36,030sqm

Program: Apartment, retail and amenities

Scope of service: Concept design

The living behavior of modern residents depends on the development of the city, and the city's contextual memory is the "gene" of current planning and design. Therefore, space and architecture are the constituent cells of the city, and the growth and renewal of the cells are the way to expand the city, and it is also a process of creating beauty.

Future Ark F10 parcel design project is located in Yunyan District, Guiyang City. It is adjacent to the east side of Qianling Mountain Park and the north side of Guiyang Forest Park. The east of the parcel is East Second Ring Expressway and the west is Dazhai Road, while the north and south are surrounded by a circular bridge connecting to Dazhai Road.  The traffic is convenient and accessible from all sides. The entire project site is covered by mountain landscape and placed on the central axis of the Future Ark project.

The project is located in the outer space of the city, the hinterland of central Guizhou, and the middle of the Miaoling Mountains, accompanied by green mountains. Most of the territory of Guizhou is the Custer landform with hills, middle mountains and river valleys arranged in north and south, with rich terrain and magnificent scenery. How to follow the aesthetic logic of urban development and oriental design in Guiyang to achieve the symbiosis of buildings and natural environment, depict a new architectural context, and finally portray a harmony urban life, is the main target need to be reached by architects.

Compared with the radial road network, squares and streets in the modern western urban planning, the geometric shape forms a relatively clean architectural boundary, while in the eastern urban planning, especially Guiyang City, follows the pattern of natural landscape. Besides, the relationship between streets and buildings is more inclined to establish a natural growth of the settlement, integrating within surroundings, and laying on the central axis in the planning to nurture the stunning scenery of the city and nature. Therefore, the design of the F10 parcel also follows the above principles, growing in the nature and standing on the axis.

The level difference on site is large, with rail transit line below. At the same time, there are three-layer circular overpass on the north side occupying the site. Although the complex site situation is difficult to design, it also inspires design ideas. Based on Eastern aesthetics, buildings should be integrated with nature through two logics of "borrowing scenery and taking advantage of the situation".

Based on the terrain, borrowing the axis landscape, the podium design was generated, merging into the natural landscape, and set up different three-dimensional viewing platforms. During the transition, the building has internal natural scenery, combining with the external large views of city.  At the same time, by using upper space of the overpass, an urban natural plaza was formed, which activated the space cut by the overpass.

Following this upward trend, the tower rises straight above the recessed podium, overlooking the axis. In the aspect of tower design, in addition to ensuring more views of the landscape, in terms of the proportion and scale of façade design, it also strives for the harmony of rhythm and beauty according to its own required height and footprint, giving a sense of dignity and stability. The emphasis on the horizontal and vertical language is like a picture frame depicting the harmonious life inside and the magnificence of the fusion of the city outside. Just like, "You stand on the bridge and look at the scenery, and the people look at you upstairs".