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Client: Huafeng Century Group Co., Ltd

Site Area: 116,700sqm

GFA: 503,000sqm

Program: Residential, retail and school

Scope of service: Architecture concept design

The site is located to the east of Xixiang subway station in Shenzhen City, facing Bao'an Avenue.

The current situation is villagers' houses.

The goal of the urban planning is to redevelop the whole area, divide the site into six plots, set up a primary school and a kindergarten, improve the utilization rate of land and increase the plot ratio of the site.

The height limit of the site should be controlled within 150 meters. In the process of sorting out the traffic inside and outside the site, pedestrian and vehicles should be separated and the traffic should be arranged reasonably.

The concept of sea wave is adopted in the planning, and the curve elements are integrated into the planning layout. At the same time, inspired by the Hong Kong Huangpu and Meifu Village development to create double frontage retail, the design is to create a platform and locate residential entrance to the 2nd floor, while ground floor uses for retail, maximize the retail value, canton style. The residential tower is arranged in a staggered way to avoid looking at each other.

In the second floor of the roof space to form an open roof garden platform, community activity center.