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Client: Zhongtian Urban Development Group Co., Ltd 

Time: 2023

Site area: 23,000 sqm 

GFA: 151,000 sqm

Program: Including one apartment 37,000 sqm, retail 15,000 sqm, and offices.

Building height: Less than 200m 

Scope of service: Apartment and retail from concept to design development

IDG Centre designed with one 200m tower at the back and one 150m apartment tower to the front, a lifted platform office facing Shizimeng Exhibition Centre. The varies skyline talks with the surrounding buildings and Hengqin mountain scape at the back.

The ground and second floors retail spaces form a continued street front- age along Qinhai North Road and Fucheng Road, also creates public plaza at the intersection of the roads. Inspired by the Lingnan colonnade culture, the retail environment is sheltered to provide shading and rain protection.

The residential tower is arranged in C-shape, to maximise the façade length facing the seaside. The standard floor plan is composed of three relatively independent blocks. In the middle are two large single floor units with a height of 3.1 meters, each covering an area of about 150sm, one lift serves one unit, while the East and west sides are symmetrically arranged with duplex units, each with a double height living space. The public corridor is directly connected to the outdoor. Outdoor planters are arranged on each floor of the concave position for air condition and outdoor planter. On the top of the tower, there are two levels of special units, providing outdoor terrace and swimming pool. The tower is overhead in the two-story podium. The lift up floor provides outdoor activity space and related supporting facilities for the residence. The two floor retail podium provides F&B and retail facilities for the community. The design inspiration of the building facade comes from the ripple of water flow. On the vertical column, through changing the shape of the metal plate, it forms a rich fold shape facade effect, enriching the overall architectural language, and echoing the main tower at the same time.