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Time: TBC

Site area: 15,355sqm

GFA: 260,000sqm

Program: Retail, apartment and amenities

Building height: Less than 251m

Scope of service: Concept design

Set within a very dense parcel of land on the junction of Dongda Avenue and Red Star Road. The mall provides 24 hr connections between the main thoroughfares and Chungxi Road pedestrian street and capitalises on the opportunities both urban corridors offers.


The mall is carefully planned to be column free - particularly challenging given the density of tall buildings sitting on top of the podium. A central atrium space organises site lines throughout the mall and maximise frontages for tenants. In turn driving revenue for the developer.


The facade is inspired by Chengdu’s rich history of learning and faith - its temples and scholars. The seven story mall façade consists of ceramic tiles, which overlap horizontally like a traditional tile roof. The optimization of the outdoor space will bring more excellent pedestrian space for the Chunxi Road Pedestrian street, including the diversion of people and vehicles. The two story basement of shopping mall is connected with Chunxi Road subway station, which improves the whole business district.