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Client: Shenzhen Qianhai Development Investment Holding ltd

Time: 2018

Site area: 65,100sqm 

GFA: Retail 366,700sqm

Program: Office, residential, retail, central park

Building height: 180m

Scope of service: Overall design, master plan control, direction summary

Qianhai proposes an integrated community development, promoting an overall development of neighbourhood. It will benefit improving the architectural and spatial quality of both above grade, ground level and below grade space, in-crease the spatial efficiency and more economical, and strengthen the collective use of land. The programmes include office, retail, apartment and central parks, which will become a consistent neighbourhood design.


Put forward suggestions on the design and control of the main public space and nodes in the neighbourhood, the road traffic control guideline, the landscape design guideline, the lighting design guideline, the architecture design language and façade design guideline, the rational use of the underground space and the coordination of three different land development owners.