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Client: Zhongtian Urban Development Group Co., Ltd

Time: 2023

Site Area: 319,000sqm 

GFA: 1,021,480sqm

Program: Office, hotel, residential, apartment

Building height: 350m

Scope of service: Architecture service from concept to the end of the construction

The overall character of the development is defined by five key elements: Seamless connection with surrounding urban scape; Courtyard planning principle to guide parcel layout; Vertical connection, park and platform connecting; Iconic Super headquarter towers and Headquarter buildings; Urban plazas and Internal courtyards.


Office Towers above 200m function as landmark buildings located to each parcel. The architectural language is simple and clean. The material is mainly metal and glass.

Office Towers between 100m-200m is the texture of the city and located to the street frontage. Architectural language is simple and close to Financial District Office design. The structure used for high rise office towers are re-inforced concrete and modular curtain wall system to match structural grid division to control cost.


Financial Office below 100m formed by blocks ranging from 5,000sqm to 20,000 sqm. Financial buildings works with financial street formed by stone, glass, and steel.