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Client: Zhuhai Hengqin Science City Development & Management Co., Ltd

Time: 2017

Site area: 832,582sqm

GFA: 2,905,000sqm

Program: Office, Laboratories and training facilities, Data Centre, Conference Centre, Retail, Hotel and Apartment

Building height: Less than 250m

Scope of service: International competition 2nd Price

Urban Positioning:

1. A centre With High Tech Science Industries 2. A centre For Science Re- search And Innovation 3. A centre For Incubation and Support 4. A centre To Live to Work and to Play 5. A centre With Eco Intelligence

Design Principles are as follow:

1. Courtyard and Colonnade 2. Skyline Platforms – Vertical Circulation 3. Power Line to Connect All Parcels 4. Vertical Green- Sky Gardens 5. Sharing – Modern Working Environment 6. Mixed Use – Vibrant City Centre