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Client: Yangzhou Jichuang Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd


Site area: 33,382sqm

GFA: 264,369sqm

Program: Office, retail, residential, culture and amenities

Building height: 150m

Scope of service: Architecture service from concept to construction completion

Location: the project is located in Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City, where three rivers meet. The other side of the river is an important cultural building. The complex project is a new business district with Yangzhou golden Olympic Center and other projects nearby opposite Wenchang East Road.            

Site: the West and north sides of the site are the Mangdao river. There is a waterfront landscape park beside the riverfront, which is separated by the Binhe road. Wenchang east road is located in the south of the site, the east of the site is an L-shaped artificial canal, and Jiandu road is located in the East and north of the site. The site area is 9.73 hectares, and the maximum plot ratio is 2.7, so the total construction area can reach 262710 square meters.            

Function: the project is a comprehensive planning project, including Longchuan gateway office, high-end office (high-rise office tower, middle-level financial office tower, low-level headquarters office building), commerce (centralized commerce and street commerce), and residence. Customized office buildings are provided to local banking and financial enterprises, and the business club is located on the top of the tallest tower (about 150 meters high). The basement on the third floor not only meets the parking demand of motor vehicles and bicycles, but also provides the underground unloading area.            

Site block: the gateway tower is arranged along the Binhe Road, facing the public square in the waterfront park. The middle level financial office building faces three rivers and six banks, and the north boundary of Yanxi is arranged, creating a unified and continuous urban interface. Facing Xintongyang River, high-rise office and residential towers are arranged along the southeast boundary of the site, with a panoramic view of the high-rise beautiful landscape. The headquarters is located in the middle of the site to open up space and create neighborhood dimensions.     Streamline: two new internal roads cross the site and provide internal vehicle streamline, dividing the whole site into three different "parcels". Basement ramps are distributed between adjacent lots to provide access and flow lines into the basement. In each plot, the secondary road provides a place for each building to get on and off, and integrates with the pedestrian pavement to ensure the openness of the overall planning.            

Public space: between the middle and high-rise buildings, three "urban yards" form the focus of the public domain, three gardens, namely, Liuyuan, Wenyuan and Leyuan. Each courtyard has a distinctive feature and theme. A large outdoor square is set up in two corners of the site to guide people to enter the site naturally. There is a main entrance square between the T1 and T2 buildings, and a commercial village is set at Wenchang Road to provide a place for leisure and entertainment for the riverside activities.            

Architectural language: modern architectural language is used in the overall planning, and each architectural type is expressed in different styles according to its scale and purpose. The facade of the building is treated in various but relatively uniform ways.            

Sustainability: the building density of the project creates a people-oriented environment, creating many accessible green spaces on roof platforms and different floors. The continuity of development can improve the efficiency of shared infrastructure. Other positive measures include high-performance building maintenance structure and efficient local centralized HVAC system, as well as the use of renewable energy, 2000 square meters of solar panels, water recycling, etc.