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Client: Shenzhen Intelligent Info Tech Co., Ltd

Time: 2019

Site Area: 560hac

GFA: 4,670,000sqm

Scope of Service: Concept master plan

The overall plan is to build an innovative urban area with high-quality industry, life, business, culture, education and residential integration. The planning structure has two axes: the East-West business center axis of the city, the North-South mountain city connecting corridor; one belt: riverside green landscape belt; three bases: international biomedical research and development base, cell technology development base, medical equipment production base; six centers: Medical Center, life science and technology center, achievement transformation center, leisure city center, medical tourism center, business service center framework. At the same time, improve the road hierarchy in the transportation system, organize tourism vehicles, resident population vehicle relations, and coordinate public transportation and subway connections. Encourage slow traffic, create the site Boulevard and complete green pedestrian road.