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Client: Zhongtian Urban Development Group Co., Ltd

Site area: 730hac

GFA: 12,840,000sm

Program: Old city renovation

Scope of service: Concept master plan and city design

Yan'an Road East Expansion urban planning project is another major project after the North-South axis development of the Renmin Boulevard. It is the East-West main channel running through Guiyang City, and also the expansion of Guiyang city center business district. It is the East-West urban corridor, connecting the city center and the future ark, and it is an opportunity for Dongshan District to carry out old town reconstruction. The whole Dongshan area is lack of public transportation due to the poor development. At the same time, the roads do not meet the national standards. There are a large number of dead end roads. Through this urban design, the old town will be transformed as a whole, and the road network at all levels will be created to connect with the external traffic and improve the internal traffic. With the help of the No.2, 3 and S metro line and T3, T18 light rail lines are intended to make up for the lack of public transportation in the site, connecting the internal community and scenic spots; Dongshan area has rich cultural heritage and historical heritage, planning and designing a complete sightseeing pedestrian channel, organizing the tourist center and cultural and Sports Center; effectively connecting the abandoned Kaste landform mountain and surrounding Forest Park in the site through different types of trestle roads, forming a city The Green Island Center in China provides the citizens with centralized urban open space; combining smart community and intelligent network system to design the sustainable development city and provide complete urban supporting facilities, including: local activity center, medical and health center, community school, supporting facilities, creating sponge City, using new energy, centralized waste treatment and recycling center, forming a composite Community Center