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Client: Zhongtian Urban Development Group Co., Ltd 

Time: completion in 2019

Scope of service: Retail interior public space, residential lobby and typical floor public space

Owing to the natural topography of the site and complexity of the existing road networks a podium is employed to organize level changes across the plot. The podium consolidates level changes across the site- approximately 17m – and organizes drop-off provision for both commercial tower and residential program whilst also providing the necessary parking requirements.

The residential tower is a slim and elegant standalone structure. It is 185m height. Its soft lines compliment the commercial tower and are designed to make the mass feel as slender as possible. It is clad in pearl white with accents of gold bronze giving a modern aesthetic. Again, a horizontal detail is applied to the facade of the building. These accommodate air-handling units and again talk to the language of the commercial tower. This is de- signed to feel as a family of buildings bringing a sense of architectural unity to the complex.