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Client: Chengdu Financial Town Investment Co., Ltd

Time: 2019

Program: Bridge

Scope of service: Concept Design Competition

Located in the heart of Chengdu, the Jin Shang Bridge is a vehicle structure spanning and providing passage over a river, a phase between two adjacent elements connecting Ke Hua South Road to Guo Hua street.

The design is a simple repetition of trusses, with each truss taking form like an eagle elegantly spreading its wings.  Utilising the arches in each wing to provide lateral robustness against the cross winds travelling through tunnelled effect in the six laned traffic.

The composition is Vierendeel in nature but with its wings undulating like the poetic motions of the wave. And using the primary trusses to rises to an apex at the two piers to provide optimal material efficiency in design. Overall, the bridge consists of 43 modulated wing trusses that are joined through moment connections to transversely span the 250m,

The structure is static, yet the language is dynamic, parametrically woven together the Jin Shang Bridge provides shelter and calm, soaring over the Jing Jiang River in the hustling waterfront of Chengdu.