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Client:                              Guangzhou OCT Culture Tourist Investment Co., Ltd

Time:                                2020

GFA:                                 10,000sqm

Program:                          Hotel and Clubhouse

Building height:               24m

Scope of service:             Concept design to completion

The project is located at the foot of Beiyin village in shirenling mountain range, facing paitan River, leaning against shirenling and leading to Liuxihe National Forest Park. It has beautiful landscape and faces water. The Master Plan suggests to build a landscape axis, starting from the hotel and facing the middle of Shiren Mountain.

The hotel will serve as the facade of the whole planning and enclose the mountain villa area at the back together with the club house. At the same time, there are four multi-storey Hotel Apartments in the west of the hotel.

The conceptual design originated from "livable mountains and forests - hidden and hotels between mountains and forests", which integrates the architecture into the landscape. The noumenon of the architecture is mountains and forests. In the architectural design, the folding and undulating roof coincides with the mountain, and the building facade forms a mountain forest through a large number of vertically scattered woods. Visitors come from a distance. At a glance, the mountain curtain comes into view. They can walk through the colonnade gradually. Looking closely at the column, the upper part is carved with Chinese traditional auspicious clouds, which means good luck and good weather.

The three storey hotel is arranged on the East and west sides. Along the axis is the three storey high lobby, which passes through the lobby into the rear garden, extracts the Guangdong garden design language, floats all pavilions with different functions on the water, and cultivates Koi in the water. The hotel swimming pool is located on the central axis. There are height differences in outdoor bars and children's pools, which climb along the axis.

The hotel rooms are designed in Japanese style. Each room is provided with outdoor terrace and private hot spring facilities. The outdoor double-layer colonnade provides privacy and shade for hotel rooms.