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Client:                          GD JD Jiexin Intelligent City Co., Ltd.

Time:                            2021

Site area:                      458,120sqm

GFA:                              916,000sqm

Program:                      R+D, Factory, Industry, Soho, Retail and Dorms

Building height:           150m

Scope of service:          Concept to Design Development

The project is located in Fenggang shenxianling. The two naturally formed reservoirs and lakes are located in the west of the site, echoing the residential development area in the East. The undulating mountains divide the site into six different plots, which are connected north and south along the waterfront, like pearls on a necklace, providing JD with a unique destination along the mountain and water.

The framework of the conceptual planning is to create two north-south activity lines. The first line of commercial activities along the riverside will provide retail, F&B and leisure activities for the communities on both sides of the lake and the surrounding, and create hydrophilic activity sites in different seasons of high and low water; Along the North-South cultural dynamic line of the internal park, it will connect functional blocks such as high-tech, R & D, laboratory, scientific and technological innovation, vitality studio and so on.


In terms of design artistic conception, the concept of "spring, summer, autumn and winter" will be given to the four Canyon harbors in the site, and JD super cultural valley will be built through six important public cultural buildings.

The height difference of the site reaches 55m, and the balance of excavation and filling is a key research topic. The early involvement of slope construction consultants ensures the feasibility and economy of the project.

The overall architectural language takes river stone as the concept, and the architectural volume conforms to the mountain trend and is stacked layer by layer. The round building corner and horizontal facade architectural language unify the architectural characteristics of the overall planning.