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Client: Midea Group Co., Ltd 

Time: 2020

Site area: 15,308 sqm

GFA: 84,200sqm

Program: Office, Hotel and Retail Amenities 

Building height: 100m

Scope of service: Concept Design Competition

Two rows of buildings are formed in the long and narrow plot to create an internal commercial street. The three towers are in a T-shaped layout, forming three headquarters buildings along the street to reduce the impact on the completed buildings in phase I opposite.

The commercial street refines the essence of traditional culture in Foshan, Guangdong, forming a commercial atmosphere of arcades, inner streets and alleys.

At the same time, a landmark building with the shape of "lanterns" in Foshan is designed at the entrance square. The three towers are mainly curtain walls, and the vertical architectural language is introduced into the overall design to reduce the site screening effect. Maintain reasonable building spacing.