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Client: Tianjin Unigroup Yunjing Industrial Park Co., Ltd.

Time: 2019

Site area: 41,000sqm

GFA: 140,000sqm

Program: Admin Office, HQ office, R+D and Retail Amenities

Building height: 150m

Scope of service: Concept to Schematic Design

The project faces Jinhai Lake in a triangle and is set along the lake curve. North Street passes through Jinhai lake and is located to the north of the project. The design considers the maximization of the landscape. The twin towers are parallel to the curve line along the lake in the form of plate buildings to increase the lake view and face north-south at the same time.


One building is designed as administrative office and the other is designed as R & D office. The podium includes conference center, science and technology development center, exhibition, scientific research laboratory, restaurant, retail and other functions. The three-storey podium is parallel to the lake shoreline and is arranged in a curve, which echoes the facade curve of the tower. The space on the first floor is overhead, becoming an extension belt for Lakeside greening and increasing public use space.


The tower is designed with side core to ensure high efficiency and space span suitable for R & D office. The refuge floor space is used to form double-layer high public activities and meetings, and the outdoor terrace garden function. A three-storey high-altitude middle lobby is set at the top, including business reception and catering functions.