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Client: Shenzhen Qianhai Development Holding Co., Ltd. 

Time: 2021

Site area: 64,000sqm

GFA: 338,000sqm

Program: R+D, Retail, Sports, Multi Function Hall, Conference Center, Apartment

Building height: 250m

Scope of service:  Concept Competition 

SGA participated in the international competition of Qianhai three industry towns with Shenzhen Yichuang international through prequalification. The project is in the east of harrow international school, exit C and D of Qianhai Park station. Three parcels enclose a local park. The project needs to build Shenzhen Hong Kong headquarters economic town, digital economic town and professional service town.


Three gradually increasing towers are arranged along the main road, two are apartment towers and one is a 250m super high-rise tower, which focuses a large area on the subway, so that the plot density around the neighbourhood park can be reduced. The tower is composed of flakes, pushed and pulled from east to west to increase the East-West shading coefficient. The North-South facing tower provides good sunshine and sea view advantages for offices and apartments. The refuge floor is used to form a double-height green space with characteristic units. The 250-meter office tower and apartment towers are misplaced to form a pocket shaped entrance square along the street, with a sunken garden connects to the metro, which also avoids looking at each other between the two towers.


The podium around the neighbourhood park is designed as a low rise R & D office below 24 meters. Introduce the concept of "Tai Hung" neighbourhood in Hong Kong and form the concept of village through wide and narrow alleys. The traditional Tung Lo building elements and rich colonial architectural colours are embedded in the architectural language, and the main node buildings are connected on the second floor through the corridor running through the whole site.