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Client: Shenzhen Tianji Group Co., Ltd. 

Time:  2021

Site area:  6,000sqm

GFA:  28,000sqm

Program:  R+D office, retail and apartment

Building height:  150m

Scope of service:  Concept Competition 

The headquarters building is located at the junction of Keji road and Kefa road. The site is relatively small. At the same time, it needs to meet the functions of R & D office and apartment, which brings great difficulty to the design.

Inspired by the headquarters of HSBC in Hong Kong, the ground floor is raised to form a large public space. Two typical floor plan of 1000 square meter towers with standard floors are set, and the middle is connected through the large atrium. Set public activity functions, including meeting, communication, and leisure space in the atrium. The main entrance in the west is office, and the secondary entrance in the East is apartment and vehicle entrance.

The two towers adopt peripheral column structure and are connected by atrium diagonal grid structure. Curtain wall façade with recessed terraces to form simple but elegant and timeless local landmark.