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Client: TCL Construction and Management Shenzhen Co., Ltd

Time:  2022

Site area:  192,259sqm

GFA:  1,153,500sqm

Program:  R+D office, Factory, R+D Industry, Soho, Retail and Dorms

Building height:  150m

Scope of service:  Concept Design Competition Rank 2

The project is located in the north of Shenzhen Guangming TCL Phase II, close to Changzhen Metro Station, and there are mature residential supporting developments around it.

M0 land use, GFA of 1.15 million square meters, FAR 6.0.

In terms of function allocation, 70% of the buildings are used for the high-end factory building of TCL, and the remaining buildings will be used as supporting and complementary urban functional needs, including apartments, commercial, co-working spaces and shared functions.

The concept plan adopts the three elements of TCL to form three public axes to connect the square, green space, TCL Phase II, and at the same time connects four major groups such as office, factory building, and commercial: R&D-led R&D office group; Sales suite group based on display; Apartment and commercial combined living package group; Factory group.

The three axes are interspersed with each other to form a wing-like internal moving line to connect the branch function, effectively connecting the Changzhen subway station, the east green wetland park and the south TCL Phase II.

Iconic towers and major commercial lines follow the main road, Guangqiao Road, forming a complete urban display surface, and apartments and residences are located in the site facing the wetland park to the east, enjoying the best green landscape. The interior of the site forms a central park that runs through the east and west, bringing together the surrounding citizens and providing a large public open space.

The four nodes include: global release center, library, high-end talent club and industrial machinery heart.