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Client: Shenzhen TianAn Cyber Park Group Co., Ltd.

Time:  2021

Site area:  38,606sqm

GFA:  135,000sqm

Program: Residential, kindergarten and retail

Building height: 100m

Scope of service:  Concept design competition

The strip-shaped site has superior riverside scenery resources. This feature is brought into full play in the design. It is arranged with five high-rise plate towers, rotating 36 degrees to increase the river view. A complete curtain wall is adopted along the river to increase the facade effect of public commercial design. The South facade has terrace and sky gardens to provide outdoor activity space for each household.

The design of the building facade extracts the essence of the local traditional culture dragon boat race, and wraps the building facade through the horizontal architectural language. The five buildings have different changes, showing the effect of keeping pace with each other and competing for hegemony.

At the main entrance of Yingbin Road, the bottom of the two towers are combined into a centralized commercial area to provide retail and catering services for the site and opposite site plot-1. The kindergarten provides independent land, which is located in the middle of the site, close to the retail center, and provides independent entrance and exit and drop off pick-up area.